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  • Date: (from 11.10.2017 to 31.10.2017) Tender Call Notice of Chemicals [PDF Format]
  • Date: (from 10.10.2017 to 15.11.2017) Tender Call Notice for Tenis Courts [PDF Format]
  • Date: (from 21.09.2017 to 20.10.2017) Tender notice for the award of canteen contract, VIMSAR, Burla [PDF Format]
  • Date: (15.09.2017) Cancellation of tender call notice no. 5133/05.09.2017 for the Dept. of Anesthesiology, VIMSAR, Burla [PDF Format]
  • Date: (from 08.09.2017 to 08.10.2017) Tender document for supply & installation of instrument & equipment for the department of Anesthesiology [PDF Format]
  • Date: (07.07.2017) Corrigendum to MRU [PDF Format]
  • Date: (from 07.07.2017 to 27.07.2017) Tender Call notice for supply, installation and commissioning of the items [PDF Format]
  • Date: (from 04.07.2017 to 25.07.2017) Corrigendum No. 3745/VIMSAr [PDF Format]
  • Date: (from 24.06.2017 to 31.07.2017) Tender notice no 3461/VIMSAR/ for MRU [PDF Format]