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Infrastructural requirements of Department of Medical Education at Regional Centre The Medical Education Department should have the following infrastructural facilities: – Facilities for holding small group discussion – Facilities for holding large group discussion – Facilities for locating OSCE/OSPE stations – Skills lab – AV aids including black/white boards, flip charts, overhead projectors, LCD projector, computers with printers, photocopier, internet connection etc . Further details as per list given below: – Library with books in Medical Education The Medical Education Department of the Regional Centre may be housed in an appropriate air-conditioned area which can accommodate around 30 participants in a workshop format. The venue must be equipped with blackboard /whiteboard/multimedia board. The venue should be well lit with proper audio/video aids. It should also have a proper sound recording system, backed up by a continuous power supply. List of Equipments required at Regional Centres in MET

1. Multimedia PCs internet enabled with DVD Writer Drive in-built or external 17” or 19" SVGA color monitor preferred. Both the computers will be utilized for the entire media operation, i.e. for connectivity with printers, digital photography and scanners. -- two
2. Multimedia projector -- two
3. Screen for projection -- as required
4. Scanner -- one
5. Laptop -- two
6. Photocopier/Printer (35 PPM) -- two
7. Magnetic Board /flip board -- two
8. Laser Printer -- one
9. Large format color Printer with facility for printing up to 42-44”size -- one
10. Video editing System suitable for DVCAM format o Able to do two video layer and one graphic layer with 2D/3D effects, in real time. o For this, one computer can be upgraded according to the card -- one
11. Digital Still SLR Camera -- two
12. Digital Video Camera (Handycam) -- one
The METU Hall
METU Coordinator
Support Staff
1. Stenographer / Office Assistant-1
2. Computer Operator 1
3. Technicians for Audio Visual Aids / Photography 2