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MD/MS Fee Structure

(Approved vide Govt. letter No ME-II-M-25/2012-31189/H. Dt.12.12.2014)
A candidate selected for admission in Govt. Medical Colleges, shall have to deposit the following fees.

S.N. Fees Particular Rs
1. Admission Fees (One time) 2,000/-
2. Consolidated tuition fees (Per annum) 25,000/-
3. Library Fees (Per annum) 600/-
4. Journal Fees (Per annum) 1,000/-
5. Fees for issue of Identity Card (One Time) 100/-
6. College Security Deposit (One time &a,p; Refundable) 10,000/-
7. P.G. Students' Union Fees (One Time) 600/-
8. Students' Dramatic Society Fees (One Time) 300/-
9. Students' Academic Society Fees (One Time) 300/-
10. Odisha Red Cross Fees (One Time) 100/-
11. University Registration etc 300/-
Total 40,300/-

Hostel accommodation in Govt. Colleges being limited, cannot be guaranteed for all and allotment of seats in the Hostel will be made by the Dean & Principal of the concerned College to the needy and deserving students according to availability.

The following fees are to be deposited in the respective Govt. Institution after the admission is final at the end of counselling.

S.N. Fees Particular Rs
1. Hostel Fees (Per annum) 2,500/-
2. Electricity & Water charges 6,000/-
3. Hostel Fund (Per annum) 2,500/-
4. Common Room Fees (Per annum) 1,000/-
5. Hostel Caution Money (One Time & Refundable) 2,000/-
Total 14,000/-