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Department of Pediatrics

Details of Faculties, Senior Residents & Tutors of Department of Pediatrics

1  Dr. Anil Kumar Mohanty, MBBS.MD  Professor View
2  Dr. Prakash Chandra Panda, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
3  Dr. Subash Chandra Majhi, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
4  Dr. Sanjukta Panda, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
5  Dr. Sitansu Kumar Meher, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
6  Dr. Devaraj Sethy, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
7  Dr. Bibhuprasad Nayak, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
8  Dr. Sameer Kiro, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
9  Dr. Nihar Ranjan Mishra, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
10  Dr. Himanshu Nayak, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
11  Dr. Alok Kumar Meher, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
12  Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Behera, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
13  Dr. Dolamani Tandi, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
14  Dr. Kaushik Parasar Patra, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
15  Dr. Namita Sahu, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
16  Dr. Baikunthanath Kashyap, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
17  Dr. K. Harisankar Patro, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
18  Dr. Maninee Majhi, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
19  Dr. Rupak Kumar Giri, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
20  Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jena, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
21  Dr. Sujeet Kumar Sahoo, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
22  Dr. Arun Dinaraj, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
23  Dr. Bijan Kumar Nayak, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
24  Dr. Chandra Sekhar Patra, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
25  Dr. Girtha Soren, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
26  Dr. Kanhu Panda, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
27  Dr. Tanmesh Kumar Sahu, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
28  Dr. Kandi Arun Kumar, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
29  Dr. Sumeet SoumyaranjanBiswal, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
30  Dr. Samira Bhoi, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
31  Dr. Shovendra Kumar Dash, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
32  Dr. Rupashree Behera, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
33  Dr. Sradhananda Rout, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View