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Department of Pathology

Details of Faculties, Senior Residents & Tutors of Department of Pathology

 1  Dr. Kailash Chandra Agrawal, MBBS.MD  Professor and Head
 2  Dr. Salil Kumar Nayak, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor
 3  Dr. Harish Chandra Singh, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor
 4  Dr. Soubhagini Nayak, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor
 5  Dr. Narayan Chandra Mallick, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor
 6  Dr. Rupa Das, MBBS.MD  
 7  Dr. Alaka Sahu, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor
 8  Dr. Sunanda Nayak, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor
 9  Dr. Jyotirmayee Mishra, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor
 10  Dr. Gitiradha Dutta, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor
 11  Dr. Anupa Toppo, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor
 12  Dr. Ranjita Panigrahi, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor
 13  Dr. Kalyani Prabha Gouda, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor
 14  Dr. Rashmi Rekha Mohapatra, MBBS.MD  Tutor
 15  Dr. Kalpesh Kakkad, MBBS.MD  Tutor
 16  Dr. Swetalina Pandey, MBBS.MD  Tutor
 17  Dr. Rajendra Meher, MBBS  Tutor
 18  Dr. Smruti Ranjan Samal, MBBS  Tutor
 19  Dr. Samir Kumar Mohanta , MBBS  Tutor
 20  Dr. Ashisha Padhy , MBBS  PG-Tutor[3]
 21  Dr. Ghanashyam Meher , MBBS  PG-Tutor[3]
 22  Dr. Madhusmita Nayak , MBBS  PG-Tutor[3]
 23  Dr. Sonal Seth, MBBS  PG-Tutor[3]
 24  Dr. Vikash Pandey, MBBS  PG-Tutor[2]
 25  Dr. Sushree Swagata Dash, MBBS  PG-Tutor[2]
 26  Dr. Anuradha Panda, MBBS  PG-Tutor[2]
 27  Dr. Gouranga Charan Prusty, MBBS  PG-Tutor[2]
 28  Dr. Pallavi Kumari, MBBS  PG-Tutor[1]
 29  Dr. Deepak Kumar Das Mohapatra, MBBS  PG-Tutor[1]
 30  Dr. Himanshu Shankar Singh, MBBS  PG-Tutor[1]
 31  Dr. Ipsita Pradhan, MBBS  PG-Tutor[1]