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Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Details of Faculties, Senior Residents & Tutors of Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

1  Dr. Gobind Lal Agrawal, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
2  Dr. Jatiendra Prasad Hota, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
3  Dr. Kruthika M. L., MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
4  Dr. Malayiltharayil Deept Rajui, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
5  Dr. Mihir Meher, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
6  Dr. Satyajeet Mishra, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
7  Dr. Tusar Mohapatra, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
8  Dr. Vijay Singh, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
9  Dr. Ganeshram Bhoi, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
10  Dr. Pragyan Dash, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
11  Dr. Rashmi, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
12  Dr. Santosh Kumar Panigrahi, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
13  Dr. Satya Naryan Panigrahi, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
14  Dr. Satya Ranjan Nanda, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
15  Dr. Shilpa Basavaraj Dhaudti, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
16  Dr. Snehadarshini Karanth, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
17  Dr. Debasish Dash, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
18  Dr. Liza Bishi, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
19  Dr. Ashish Kumar Dharua, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
20  Dr. Rupam Sarkar, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
21  Dr. Jyoti Pradhan, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
22  Dr. Swati Suchrita, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
23  Dr. Dillip Kumar Dalai, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
24  Dr. B. Rutuparna Subhasmita, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
25  Dr. Jagadish Pradhan, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
26  Dr. Rashmi Nayak (W), MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
27  Dr. Purna Sankar Meher, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
28  Dr. Pravati Dutta, MBBS.MD  Professor and Head View
29  Dr. Rekha Manjhi, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
30  Dr. Sudarsan Pothal, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
31  Dr. Madhumita Nayak, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
32  Dr. Arabinda Behera, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
33  Dr. Bhabani Sankar Behera, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
34  Dr. Amit Kiran Rath, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
35  Dr. Babul Kumar Agrawal, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
36  Dr. Chandan Kumar Shit, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
37  Dr. Sonali Das (W), MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
38  Dr. Sonali Das, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
39  Dr. Ganeswar Das, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
40  Dr. Srikant Dash, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
41  Dr. Manoj Kumar Nayak, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
42  Dr. Amit Singh Meena, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
43  Dr. Ananta Kumar Meher, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
44  Dr. Gourishankar Prusty, MSc.PhD  Clinical Psychologist View
45  Dr. Tushar Jyoti Kar, MBBS.MS  Professor and Head View
46  Dr. Kumudini Pradhan, MBBS.MS  Associate Professor View
47  Dr. Lalmohan Nayak, MBBS.MS  Associate Professor View
48  Dr. Mamata Soren, MBBS.MS  Associate Professor View
49  Dr. Ojaswini Patel, MBBS.MS  Associate Professor View
50  Dr. Benudhar Pandey, MBBS.MS  Assistant Professor View
51  Dr. Chintamani Mahanta, MBBS.MS  Assistant Professor View
52  Dr. Sarmila Pradhan, MBBS.MS  Assistant Professor View
53  Dr. Atal Bihari Dandpat, MBBS.MS  Assistant Professor View
54  Dr. Lina Baru, MBBS.MS  Assistant Professor View
55  Dr. Susanta Kumar Barik, MBBS.MS  Senior Resident View
56  Dr. Pranati Pradhan, MBBS.MS  Senior Resident View
57  Dr. Sapneswar Behera , MBBS.MS  Senior Resident View
58  Dr. Kishore Chandra Mohapatra, MBBS.MS  Senior Resident View
59  Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Nath, MBBS.MS  Senior Resident View
60  Dr. Bulu Naik, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
61  Dr. Ghanashyam Chattar, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View