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Department of General Medicine

Details of Faculties, Senior Residents & Tutors of Department of General Medicine

1  Dr. Sashikant Mohapatra, MBBS.MD  Professor and Head View
2  Dr. Kashinath Padhiary, MBBS.MD  Professor View
3  Dr. Laxmikanta Dash, MBBS.MD.DM  Professor View
4  Dr. Manoj Kumar Mohapatra, MBBS.MD  Professor View
5  Dr. Butungeswar Pradhan , MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
6  Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mohanty, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
7  Dr. Purna Chandra Karua, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
8  Dr. Malati Murmu, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
9  Dr. Chakradhar Majhi, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
10  Dr. Prafulla Kumar Bariha, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
11  Dr. Bipin Kishore Kullu, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
12  Dr. Ayaskanta Kar, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
13  Dr. Sagnika Tripathy, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
14  Dr. Lagendra Kumar Singh, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
15  Dr. Gouri Oram, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
16  Dr. Khetra Mohan Tudu, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
17  Dr. Ashok Kumar Behera, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
18  Dr. Manoranjan Naik, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
19  Dr. Prabhash Chandra Sahu, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
20  Dr. Purna Chandra Kar, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
21  Dr. Basanti Meher, MBBS,MD  Senior Resident View
22  Dr. Chhatray marandi, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
23  Dr. Atanu Kumar Thakur, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
24  Dr. Aditya Naryan Dash, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
25  Dr. Bhupati Bhusan Jena, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
26  Dr. . Bikash Chandra Nanda, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
27  Dr. Biswaranjan Prusty, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
28  Dr. Chinmayananda Dash, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
29  Dr. Dhirendra Marndi, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
30  Dr. Gurupada Das, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
31  Dr. Harikrishna. K., MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
32  Dr. Prashanta Kumar Thakur, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
33  Dr. Prerana Dash, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
34  Dr. Sankar Ramchadwani, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
35  Dr. Santosh Kumar Swain, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
36  Dr. Satya Ranjan Sethy, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
37  Dr. Seshadev Chhatar, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
38  Dr. Sreekanth. M.R., MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
39  Dr. Sushanta Kumar Khilar, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
40  Dr. Anil Kumar Sahu, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
41  Dr. Basudev Murmu, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
42  Dr. C. Sreehari Surendran, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
43  Dr. Deepak Kumar Swain, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
44  Dr. Hemanta Kumar Meher, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
45  Dr. Joyal. J. Kandathil, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
46  Dr. Kamble Suchita Sambhaji, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
47  Dr. Karun Mahesh K. P., MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
48  Dr. Kumar Bismaya, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
49  Dr. Madhusmita Sahu, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
50  Dr. Pravin Kumar Mishra, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
51  Dr. Rajesh Kumar Meher, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
52  Dr. S Rakesh Kumar, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
53  Dr. Sanjo John, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
54  Dr. Satya Prakash Dora, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
55  Dr. Srinibas Meher, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
56  Dr. Subasini Sarkar, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
57  Dr. Sunil Kumar Panigrahi, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
58  Dr. Susruth Krishnadas. P., MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
59  Dr. Tushar Kantee Behera, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
60  Dr. Umankanta Roula, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
61  Dr. Sourabh Pradhan, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
62  Dr. Shiva Kumar Mohanta, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
63  Dr. Manoranjan Mallick, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
64  Dr. Samir Ranjan Jena, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
65  Dr. Anil Kumar Patra, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
66  Dr. Jagannath Pradhan, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
67  Dr. Biswajit Mohanty, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
68  Dr. Soumya Ranjan Pradhan, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
69  Dr. Anuj Kumar Padhy, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
70  Dr. Prachi Pratichi Das, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
71  Dr. Aradhana Sahoo, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
72  Dr. Shraddha Laxmidhar Mohanty, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
73  Dr. Sunil Kumar Sukla, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
74  Dr. Manoj Kumar Onkar, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
75  Dr. Uttam Kumar Soren, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
76  Dr. Mrutyunjay B. Hiregoudar, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
77  Dr. Rupam Kumari, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
78  Dr. Dharani Kumar K.S., MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View