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Department of F.M.T.


  1. MD Seats : 02
  2. MBBS Seats : 150


1st floor of College Building, right flank

Special Services

Serial Service Facility details Service details Availability(time/Day)
1. Post Mortem Separate Mortuary block with fly proofing, 4 autopsy tables, 4 body Dead body freezer 1. Medicolegal autopsy
2. Fetal autopsy
3. Skeletal autopsy
4. Body preservation
Everyday from 9AM to 5PM
2. Sexual assault examination Examination room in the department with examination table, adequate lighting, SAFE KIT, basic laboratory facilities like blood grouping, VDRL, pregnancy, swab and smear microscopic examination Accused and Victim examination. All working days from 9am to 5 pm
3 Age estimation Anthropometry devices, Age estimation of accused, victims, juveniles, JCL, child labour, All working days from 9am to 5 pm
4 Paternity dispute cases Laboratory for blood grouping Blood grouping, collection and forwarding of blood sample for DNA analysis. All working days from 9am to 5 pm

Clinical Material

Clinical Material Daily Avg. Weekly Avg. Annual
Autopsy 3-5 25-30 1291 1217 1189
Sex Offences 0-2 2-4 48 45 25
Skeletal autopsy 0-1 0-1 15 13 11
Age estimation 0-1 0-1 15 15 12
Refered case     9 5 4


Facilities for Teaching[ one LT, One Demo Room, One Practical hall, One autopsy demo room, LCD projector, Slide projector, Overhead Projector]

UG teaching Programme

Semester Theory Practical Tutorial
3rd Monday
Wednesday and Thursday ( 4-5pm) Friday & Saturday
4th & 5th Thursday
Friday & Saturday
Wednesday and Thursday ( 4-5pm

PG teaching Program- NA
D. Other training Program- Nil


Conference Participation- Faculties participated in the state conference at IMS SUM hospital held this year.


  • Acting as resource faculty to Sate Institute of Health & Family welfare, BBSR
  • Acting as Associate Judge for State Police Duty Meet at CID CB, CTC
  • Resource faculty to State Police Academy, BBSR
  • Expert faculty to Recruitment of AIIMS BBSR faculty
  • Resource person UNICEF Aided workshop on Child sexual abuse Held at CTC.
  • Resource faculty for RTC MET, SCB MC Cuttack.
  • MCI observer to MKCG, Berhampur for MET

The way ahead: [Future Plans]

  • To strictly adhere to academic calendar and to hold periodic formative assessments for UG student.
  • Hold workshops on MLC for INTERNS
  • Hold workshops for peripheral doctors on the region.

Nodal officer for website update: (Dr Biren Xalxo, Asst Prof. FM&T, Mob- 9437246140)

Details of Faculties, Senior Residents & Tutors of Department of F.M.T.

1  Dr. Braja Kishore Dash  Professor, HOD View
2  Dr. Amarendra Nayak  Associate Professor View
3  Dr. Soumya Ranjan Nayak.  Associate Professor View
4  Dr. Seema Perei  Assistant Professor View
5  Dr. Biren Xalxo  Assistant Professor View
6  Dr. Subal Ku Naik  Tutor View
7  Dr. Sunil Kumar Murmu  Tutor View
8  Dr. Biswajit Mishra  Assistant Surgeon View