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Department of Dermatology,V&L

Details of Faculties, Senior Residents & Tutors of Department of Dermatology,V&L

 1  Dr. Manjulata Das, MBBS.MD  Assoc. Professor & Head
 2  Dr. Tanmoy Padhi, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor
 3  Dr. Subodh Kumar Patjoshi, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident
 4  Dr. Sushanta Kumar Meher, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident
 5  Dr. Sambit Ranjan Dalei, MBBS  Junior Resident[3]
 6  Dr. Soubhagya Ranjan Tripathy, MBBS  Junior Resident[3]
 7  Dr. Manish Kumar Sahu, MBBS  Junior Resident[2]
 8  Dr. Raj Kumar Mishra, MBBS  Junior Resident[2]
 9  Dr. Satyendra Kumar Sharma, MBBS  Junior Resident[1]
 10  Dr. Nikhil Ranjan Das, MBBS  Junior Resident[1]
 11  Dr. Subhashree Madhual, MBBS  Junior Resident[1]