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Department of Anatomy

Existing infrastructure and facilities which is in the process of renovation is for 250 UG admissions in near future.


  1. Basement floor along with1st and 2nd floor (3 floors)
  2. Lecture theater- 1(280seats) with Digital podium and acoustics,
  3. Dissection hall-1Air conditioned (150-250 Capacity& 32 marble tables),
  4. Demonstration Hall- 4.Nos. with A-V facilities.
  5. Museum with Anthropology/ Osteology lab, which also includes a Trans-sectional study corner with X-ray, CT, MRI Gallery.
    1. UG-Histology lab and P.G.Research lab,
    2. Human Cytogenetic lab (in the process of renovation)
    3. Ladies Locker room-1
    4. Faculty research Lab-1
    5. Library-Seminar-1,
    6. Embalming Unit,
    7. Micro-photographic unit ( in the process of renovation)
  7. Basement floor for 5nos of Cadaver tanks is undergoing, which can be utilized for a designated Official Embalming centre for services to needy people.

Total Nos. Rooms- 40

Public Utility Services:
Provision for embalming centre is being initiated with renovation of basement floor.
Declaring the Department Of Anatomy, VSS MC as a recognized Embalming Centre with few infrastructural facilities and manpower. Moderate service charges can be charged as practiced in many institutes all over India. (BHU/AIIMS/KGMC,LUCKNOW) to facilitate the easy embalming and comfortable transport of the diseased person to far places.
Whole body donation programme: -
 This is the only department of the institute endorsed to preserve whole body and human body parts. Voluntary body donation pragramme is being co-ordinated by this department. About 40 honorable citizen of the state have registered their name as Voluntary whole body donor with this department.
 FAQ & Application forms for more information for the concept of Body donation.

Details of Faculties, Senior Residents & Tutors of Department of Anatomy

 1  Dr. Bijaya Kumar Dutta, MBBS.MS  Professor & Head
 2  Dr. Mamata Sar,MBBS.MS  Associate Professor
 3  Dr. Srikant Kumar Mishra,MBBS.MS  Associate Professor
 4  Dr. Biswa Bihari Sahu, MBBS.MS  Associate Professor
 5  Dr. B bb Lalatendu Swain, MBBS,MS  Associate Professor
 6  Dr. Dharma Niranjan Mishra, MBBS,MS  Assistant Professor
 7  Dr. Manoj Kumar Naik, MBBS,MS  Assistant Professor
 8  Dr. Manoj Kumar Dehury, MBBS  Tutor
 9  Dr. Rashmirekha Behera, MBBS  Tutor
 10  Dr. Deepak Sahu, MBBS  Tutor
 11  Dr. Siddhabrata Besra, MBBS  Tutor