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Department of Anaesthesiology

Details of Faculties, Senior Residents & Tutors of Department of Anaesthesiology

1  Dr. Ramesh Chandra Samntaray, MBBS.MD  Professor and Head View
2  Dr. Prativa Panda, MBBS.MD  Professor View
3  Dr. Pradipta Kumar Patel, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
4  Dr. Dulal Kishan Soren, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
5  Dr. Pramod Kumar Pollai, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
6  Dr. Harekrushna Dalai, MBBS.MD  Associate Professor View
7  Dr. Arta Kumar Swain, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
8  Dr. Debasis Swain, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
9  Dr. Chitta Ranjan Panigrahi, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
10  Dr. Bimal Krishna Panda, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
11  Dr. Malaya Kumar Patel, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
12  Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo, MBBS.MD  Assistant Professor View
13  Dr. Girija Sankar Prasad Patra, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
14  Dr. Sheela Ekka, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
15  Dr. Janaki Janka, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
16  Dr. Diptimayee Pradhan, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
17  Dr. Jhipir Hansdah, MBBS.MD  Senior Resident View
18  Dr. Jagadish Jena, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
19  Dr. Jagannath Panda, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
20  Dr. Rajeshwar Verma, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
21  Dr. Sourav Kumar Panigrahi, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
22  Dr. Swagata Biswas, MBBS  Junior Resident[3] View
23  Dr. Devi Prasad Mishra, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
24  Dr. Pragya Swastika Pujhari, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
25  Dr. Prakash Chandra Sahu, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
26  Dr. Rashmita Behera, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
27  Dr. Sarban Kumar Dash, MBBS  Junior Resident[2] View
28  Dr. Ratikanta Nayak, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
29  Dr. Sapan Kumar Jena, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
30  Dr. Aparna Sahu, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
31  Dr. Saurabh Agrawal, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View
32  Dr. Siddhanta Choudhury, MBBS  Junior Resident[1] View